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Differences between electret MIC and imported MIC

What is the difference between the electret microphone and the imported microphone? What is the difference between the electret microphone and the imported microphone? Why imports the price of the microphone than the price of the electret microphone so much difference? With all kinds of questions we have to analyze the specific reasons and differences it!
Electret microphone work principle: from the static electricity, for parallel plate capacitors
, The following relationship: C = ε. The capacity of the capacitor is proportional to the dielectric constant of the medium and is proportional to the area of the two plates and is inversely proportional to the distance between the two plates.
In addition, when a capacitor is charged with Q amount of charge, then the capacitor two plates to form a certain voltage, the following relationship: C = Q / V ②
For an electret microphone, there is a capacitor inside the diaphragm, gasket and plate, because the diaphragm is charged with a plastic film, so when the diaphragm is subjected to sound pressure, the diaphragm To produce the vibration, thus changing the distance between the diaphragm and the plate, thus changing the distance between the two plates of the capacitor, resulting in a Δd change, so by the formula ① that must be generated to a ΔC changes , By the formula ② also know that due to the change of ΔC, the charge charge is fixed, so inevitably produce a ΔV changes.
This initial completion of a signal from the sound signal to the conversion. Because this signal is very weak, the internal resistance is very high, can not be used directly, so also to carry out impedance conversion and amplification.
Electret microphone head and import the difference between the microphone does have a lot of differences, of course, we have to look at what products, if the high-end products you do not have a little bit of the microphone is not reach the desired effect, Another example is a common consumer products with no matter how good the microphone is no good, we have to specific analysis, specifically to see what product with what kind of microphone, not like a flower inserted in the same cow dung, change Choose a good choice on the good, the use of ordinary or with ordinary, unnecessary to cause a waste or improper choice of products.
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